This is the day I have been looking forward to for a long time. It is finally the day after the elections. We have endured a barrage of mudslinging, name calling, headache inducing, and nauseating commercials for months.

It begins slowly; creeping up on us months in advance and then gradually gaining momentum, like a train rushing downhill, until it crashes through the gate at Labor Day and goes completely wild. The day comes upon us frantically racing to the finish line during the months between September and November. Finally, the first Tuesday in November arrives and we drag ourselves to our local polling place to exercise our American birth right. We step into the booth and cast our votes for our chosen candidates.

This right did not come easily. Many have shed blood and sacrificed their lives to give us the privilege of enduring annoying commercials proclaiming the brilliance of certain candidates and the foolishness of others. As annoying as the process is, it makes me glad I am an American. I don’t take lightly the fact that I have the ability to express my likes and dislikes at the polls. I thank my father, grandfather and ancestors going all the way back to the Revolutionary War for their bravery and sacrifices so that I have the freedom to express my opinions.

No matter how we feel about the results of the elections we know that in a few months the process will begin again. We will again have the opportunity to choose our leaders on a local and national level.

Yes, sometimes the process can be very irritating but that is the American way. We have varied political philosophies but we are united in our belief in the political system. Thank God I’m an American (warts and all)!

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