The Call Rings Busy



At the beginning of The Call Halle Berry is a confident, compassionate and cool 911 operator. She is someone you would want on the other end of the line in an emergency. However, she loses all that when one of her callers is viciously murderer by a home invader due to her blunder.

After this tragic mistake her confidence is shaken and six months later she is training new 911 operators. A newbie receives a frantic call from a kidnap victim and Berry’s character, Jordan, is forced to take over the call. She successfully calms down the victim and walks her through several maneuvers to try to attract attention to her plight and help the police track her. Because she is using a disposable phone she cannot be located by the built in GPS.

The tension continues to build during the cat and mouse chase and a couple of innocent people become victims of the ruthless killer. The tension builds at such a rapid speed I forgot to breath. Then, during the last few minutes of the call, they arrive at their destination, the kidnapper discovers her phone, destroys it and the connection is broken. At this point Jordan’s supervisor tells her to go home and get some rest.

This is when Jordan does some incredibly careless and stupid things, especially for someone knowledgeable of police procedures.

The Call is filled with tension, surprises, shockers, and gore. Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin (the victim) play two tough women and they play well off each other, even though throughout most of the movie they aren’t in the same room. It is too bad that the steady buildup of tension and believability is broken at the same time the phone connection is broken.

The Call is interesting in that it shows us what the life of a 911 operator is like and it gives us a front row seat of the hive which they call the room where the operators are located. It is named for the constant buzz and activity of the room. We see the enormous stress the operators are under and we also get some good tips on what to do if we are kidnapped.

For the most part the movie is entertaining and a wild ride but I give it a B- for the crazy turn it takes at the end.

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