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You know it’s going to be a bad day when…

You know it’s going to be a bad day when you wake up smelling poop. You also  
know it’s going to be a bad day when you have to bathe the dog and change clothes before breakfast.

I woke up and smelled that unmistakable smell of doggy poop. I have had many dogs during my life time and I am currently the Mom to two cats and two dogs so I know poop when I smell it. I have cleaned up more than my share of poop, pee, and puke over the years which makes me an expert on animal excrements. I can even look at a pile and know from which animal it came.

So, when I woke up and sniffed the air I knew there was an odorous present waiting for me somewhere. I went on a search and couldn’t find it but the smell continued to follow me. I went into the bathroom to dress and get ready for the day and when I returned to the bedroom there it was—a small but stinky pile. Where did it come from? Its placement meant I had to walk over it going into the bathroom but I knew it hadn’t been there just a few minutes earlier. I grabbed the paper towels and plastic bag for a temporary cleanup.

We walked into the kitchen and there was another pile. I know it wasn’t there the night before because I always do a final cleanup of the kitchen before going to bed, and the dogs sleep in our bedroom with the door closed (to keep the cat out so we don’t wake up to a cat/dog fight).

After the two dogs are attached to their double leash and we begin our morning walk the mystery is suddenly solved. There is Gus the Pekingese proudly prancing down the street with his backend covered in you know what. His luxurious golden coat sometimes grows too thick around his posterior section which then catches his number 2s. His emergency during the night must have gotten caught up in his fur then smashed all over him as he slept (thank goodness he wasn’t in our bed). The smell followed me on my hunt because Gus is always bouncing around my feet. Then, as he bounced small parts were dropped throughout the house.

I usually try to keep him trimmed around his haunches and underbelly to eliminate this problem so I guess I will have to do a quick trim before our evening walk.

Owning a pet can be messy and sometimes downright disgusting but their love and adoration makes it all worth it. One quick doggy kiss can turn a bad day into a good one.


Gus the perky Pekingese and Tasha the temperamental Heinz-mix terrier. Both are sporting their summer haircuts.