I’m Back

Two things happened over the weekend that were of some significance. The first was the drawing for the big, very big, lottery; and the second I will talk about later in this post.

The lottery drawing was held at 10:45 Friday evening. The local stations ran crawls across the screen saying they would have the winning numbers at the 11 o’clock newscast. I gathered my five lottery tickets, note pad and pen and sat impatiently waiting to write down my magic numbers. Out of all the numbers drawn and all the possible combinations I possessed only one of the winning numbers. So here I am, as promised, continuing my blog for another day since I didn’t win. As you can tell, I’m not jetting off to my deserted island counting my millions.

Even though no one in Ohio won the big lottery the link below says that 10 won $250,000. They possessed all the winning numbers but missed the Mega Ball number. All were auto-pick tickets. Two of the winners are from the Central Ohio area.

So my big question is—did any of my readers win the $250,000 and if so, how about a loan?$250000.html

 Now on to other business—I enjoy Sunday mornings when I usually fix pancakes for breakfast and leisurely read the Sunday paper. I always read the sections in a particular order with the Arts and Entertainment section first followed by Home and Garden and then Travel. After those three sections I then go about my tasks and fill in with the remaining sections later on Sunday or the next day.

Yesterday’s Travel column by Steve Stephens caught my eye headlined Ticket to Write: Sculpture sure to be a whopper. The whole column was about a small village on Lake Erie erecting a huge 100 ft. long neon sculpture atop the town hall honoring the invasive pest the Asian Carp. The village is doing this in hopes of attracting tourism. The planned sculpture will be large enough to be seen from both the Lake Erie Marblehead lighthouse and the Cleveland Browns Stadium.

As I read it I thought, “Boy this must be some hick town. Who would want to put up such an ugly thing?”

In addition, the sculpture will be built by the local middle school Home Ec class. The article quotes the mayor as saying, “We would have liked to have the art classes build the fish…but the school eliminated the art program last year due to budget cuts.”

As a proponent for the arts I’m thinking—true, the arts are always the first classes to be cut but I’m not sure the Home Ec classes will be able to handle such a large project. And, why the Home Ec class?

The article continues, “Admission to the fish — which will also house the county agriculture museum, the town’s famous mastodon and the last pair of false teeth owned by author O. Henry — will be $17.”

As I near the end I’m thinking what a hideous mess, I’m sure not going to travel to this town. The piece closes with– For more information, call the Grand Trompe Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Light Opera, or consult the date at the top of this page.

What?! I had been had. The date was April 1. I enjoy a good joke, even if it is on me. Happy belated April Fool’s Day.



It’s March Madness, and I don’t mean basketball

The weather has gone crazy, mad in fact. Like most of the rest of the country we are having an unprecedented heat wave here in Ohio. It is March and we have had over 80 degrees the past week and have set all types of records. Daffodils are blooming and the flowering cherry trees and other ornamental trees have burst into bloom overnight.

We have a weeping cherry tree next to our back porch and every year it greets me with its beautiful blooms on my birthday, April 8. Without fail it pops open and is a special birthday gift from Mother Nature to me on my special day. This year my gift came three weeks early. It is now in full bloom and it is only the third week in March.

My birthday tree blooming three weeks early.


Last March when I wrote about our weather and welcoming spring I said things like– the snows begin to recede…tender shoots of crocus and daffodils pushing through newly thawed soil…the air is brisk with a hint of warmth….

This year after an extremely mild winter it seems we have gone straight into summer. Today it was 85 degrees which is about 30 degrees above a normal March. This is June weather, not what we normally have in March. So what do you do on a day such as this? You grab a friend, have lunch on a patio, and spend a leisurely afternoon in an art and antique shop—then, grab a camera.

Mother Nature may have gone crazy during this mad, mad March but she sure is beautiful. Unfortunately, the pictures below can’t accurately portray the beauty of the world today.