Mail Call: I get e-mails

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A couple of people sent me e-mails regarding my rant about Charlie Sheen (see GO AWAY, CHARLIE SHEEN). I thought they were interesting and I would like to share them here.

The first one is from Anne. She writes:

Couldn’t agree more- with all the problems in the United States, and now the news leads off with his crisis.  A sad situation, but he can afford professional help if he would only remove himself from denial. 

The second one is from Jerry who adds his thoughts about TV in general:

Now Shiela….how do you really feel about this guy???

You’re going to have to learn to be more outgoing when you feel strongly about something..

Oh yea, I have a solution…it’s called an on/off knob…that’s what we do around here.. but Mr. Sheen isn’t the
reason for why I choose that route….as I always say….there is the good news and the bad news….GOOD NEWS>…we now have 500 channels to watch on TV (as opposed to three when I was growing up), but the BAD NEWS>…there isn’t a damn thing …worth my taking time to watch any of the 500…

Thanks guys for your feedback. I always love hearing from my readers.