Seven Psychopaths

Movie Review on Video: Seven Psychopaths

You Do and You Die

Thumbs down

Seven Psychopaths is billed as a black comedy but the only thing comical about it is that it was ever made. The plot is confusing, complicated and convoluted and with more blood spilled and splattered than a butcher shop.

It is directed by Martin McDonagh and has its share of stardom in it including Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, and Christopher Walken. It is one of the bloodiest and most gory films I have seen. I can tolerate gore if it has a good story behind it; but, here, I found no story. It was so disgusting that it is one of the few films I have refused to sit through to the end. Usually I see some redeeming factors but I couldn’t find any in Seven Psychopaths.

Although some of the professional critics have given it good reviews, in my opinion don’t waste your time or money.

I give it an F.