Autumn appeals to all the senses


Autumn can best be described as a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and smells. It is nature’s last hurrah before she climbs into bed covered with a white blanket of downy snow.

Autumn is an array of colors in Mother Nature’s pallet of paints from the palest pinks to intense fiery oranges and reds. It is the faint rustle of leaves and the excited cheers of football fans. It is the smell of pumpkin pies and campfire smoke. It is the smoky taste of hot dogs and marshmallows toasted over a bonfire at a hayride. It is the sight of bright orange pumpkins and gleaming red apples at a roadside farm stand. It is hot cider and donuts. It is candy apples and candy corn. It is witches, brooms, black cats, and Halloween costumes. It is warm sunny days and cold frosty nights.

Here in Ohio the farmers are busy harvesting the corn and soy beans and getting their king size pumpkins ready for the Circleville Pumpkin Festival. The houses are decorated for Halloween and if you look closely you might see a witch flying across the face of the moon.


Yes, autumn is many things but it is also a very short season so get off the couch, shut off the computer and video games and come outside to play. Hurry before this beautiful parade passes you by.