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Camila Alves & Matthew McConaughey

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The Lincoln Lawyer has all the elements of a successful movie—a handsome and sexy leading man, an interesting plot, several quirky characters, enough suspense to keep your attention, and a few sexy scenes thrown in for spice. It is too bad I couldn’t watch it.

The Lincoln Lawyer is based on the bestselling book by Michael Connelly about a criminal defense attorney whose office is an old Lincoln Town Car. Matthew McConaughey carries off the lead with ease. With good looks and the proper amount of ego, slick, and sleaze, McConaughey swaggers his way through the film causing women to swoon and prosecutors to take notice. By the end of the film he earns the respect of those on both sides of the law.

I would have loved the movie if I could have watched it but I spent 75% of the movie with my eyes closed because of the camera work. I read in a review that the movie was shot with a hand-held camera and some scenes were shaky—that is an understatement. The camera is constantly panning between characters and going in for extreme close-ups. When the camera isn’t moving, it moves in for close-ups so tight I could count the hairs in McConaughey’s five o’clock shadow. These scenes were so up close and personal the character’s head didn’t fit in the whole frame. During one scene when the characters are standing still, the camera spins around the central character. As if that weren’t enough, bright flashes of light flicker with such intensity I could still see them with my eyes closed. The scene in the nightclub with strobe lights almost sent me running to the restroom.

If motion doesn’t bother you then you should love this movie but I don’t recommend it for anyone who gets motion sickness or prone to migraines. It looks like this might be the beginning of a series for McConaughey and the Lincoln Lawyer, if so, then I’m taking meds before the next movie. It is sad to have such sweet eye candy as Matthew McConaughey on the screen and not be able to watch him.

I give the movie a C.