Helen Mirren

MOVIE REVIEW: Arthur Not Ready for Crown but Top Hat Suits Him Well


Image by WorthingTheatres via Flickr

Arthur, played by Russell Brand, is funny, sweet, and sad. Brand, who admittedly has had a notorious past with drugs and alcohol, is the perfect person to play the perpetual child/playboy who resists growing up. Helen Mirren, as always the consummate British professional, is the perfect foil against Brand’s zany character.

I have not seen the original Arthur with Dudley Moore and, therefore, cannot compare the two but what I saw in this remake I loved. Brand is able to accurately portray a crazy drunk (after all he has had plenty of practice) who works hard to cover his vulnerability hidden just beneath the surface.

Jennifer Garner is cast as a power-hungry shrew. It was fun to watch her sink her teeth into a different type of role. She seemed to enjoy this part. It was also good to see Nick Nolte on the screen again as Garner’s gruff, macho contractor father. He is, literally, tough as nails.

This Arthur probably won’t be headed for any awards as in King Arthur movies; but Brand proves himself worthy of wearing Abe Lincoln’s top hat. It is a fun ride through New York City in some of Arthur’s collection of famous movie cars. For a fun night out you can’t miss with Arthur. I grade it a B.