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Preparing to turn 100, Girl Scouts USA stays relevant by imparting skills for 21st century


Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts (Photo credit: heraldpost)

Girl Scouts Keeping Up with the Times

The Girl Scouts are still vibrant and growing even after 100 years. What keeps this organization relevant to the hip young girls of today? Updates!

To mark its centennial year the Girl Scouts recently introduced 82 new and updated badges intended to keep up with the changing times. New badges include customer loyalty, the science of happiness, “netiquette” or applying good manners online, pet care, financial literacy, digital moviemaking, product design, science and engineering, and many others.

One thing that hasn’t changed after all these years is proudly displaying your badges of accomplishment on your vest or sash.

For more information on the history of scouting see 50 Million Women Can’t Be Wrong, Feb. 11, 2012. Please click on the link at the end of this post. To see what the Girl Scouts are doing in Columbus click on the link below.

Preparing to turn 100, Girl Scouts USA stays relevant by imparting skills for 21st century.


March signals the beginning of spring. The snows begin to recede revealing bright green patches of grass and tender shoots of crocus and daffodils pushing through the newly thawed soil. The air is brisk with a hint of warmth from the sun peeking through the clouds.

At last nature begins to waken from her long winter’s nap. Bright yellow forsythia sways in the breeze providing a welcome splash of color against the barren landscape. Mother Nature adorns herself in mostly green and yellow this month which is also the Girl Scout colors reminding people to stock up on their cookies. The birds are busy pairing together and making nests for the new generation which will come soon. Red winged blackbirds, robins, and cardinals are most visible as they dart among the bushes revealing flashes of red. The ducks and geese at the pond are wandering in pairs as they travel about the pond and surrounding bushes looking for the perfect spot to deposit their eggs.

Spring in Columbus can be a wild month with temperatures varying 30 to 40 degrees in a matter of hours; but I will take that any time over gale force winds and three-foot snows. It is always so good to see the ground after being covered with snow for weeks at a time. We have finally crossed that magical line between winter and spring. Here comes the sun!