Mail Call: I get e-mails

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A couple of people sent me e-mails regarding my rant about Charlie Sheen (see GO AWAY, CHARLIE SHEEN). I thought they were interesting and I would like to share them here.

The first one is from Anne. She writes:

Couldn’t agree more- with all the problems in the United States, and now the news leads off with his crisis.  A sad situation, but he can afford professional help if he would only remove himself from denial. 

The second one is from Jerry who adds his thoughts about TV in general:

Now Shiela….how do you really feel about this guy???

You’re going to have to learn to be more outgoing when you feel strongly about something..

Oh yea, I have a solution…it’s called an on/off knob…that’s what we do around here.. but Mr. Sheen isn’t the
reason for why I choose that route….as I always say….there is the good news and the bad news….GOOD NEWS>…we now have 500 channels to watch on TV (as opposed to three when I was growing up), but the BAD NEWS>…there isn’t a damn thing …worth my taking time to watch any of the 500…

Thanks guys for your feedback. I always love hearing from my readers.


Charlie Sheen is on Fire

Image by eviloars via Flickr

I think Charlie Sheen has hijacked my TV set. He is everywhere! He is on entertainment shows, news shows, special reports, talk shows and more—I can’t get rid of him. My TV is possessed and I am thinking of having an exorcism.

His once handsome face is leering at me and proclaiming himself a god surrounded by his goddess girlfriends. He brags about how great he is and anyone who dares question him or disagree with him is a no body. He is so great he even cured himself of his drug and alcohol demons with his mind. He just thought about it for a couple of minutes and—boom—he is cured. All problems are gone and he is perfect.

Why do I want to watch this crap, why does Charlie Sheen think I want to watch this crap, why do TV executives think I want to watch this crap? What kind of example is he setting for his kids and our young people? How do we explain to young preteens and teens that his behavior is unacceptable? His debauchery and excess of sex and drugs is a guide to self-destruction. Why doesn’t anyone see this?

 At least his long time publicist saw the light and dropped him as a client. Another positive move is the removal of his children from his den of inequity. What did their mother feel as she watched her children cuddled by “Miss Porn” and “Miss Druggie of the Month Cover Girl”?

There have been suggestions that he is suffering from some kind of mental illness, possibly bipolar. If that is the case, then please get help. Right now, all this media attention is just feeding the egotistical monster. He is loving the opportunity to “tell his side of the story”, as he would like you to believe. However, this is no more than an opportunity to publically humiliate anyone he feels has wronged him and feed his ego.

 So, Charlie Sheen, if you are so great then please go save yourself. Be a man and do the adult thing and get help. You didn’t hesitate to go to the hospital when you felt physically ill; getting help for a mental illness is no different. There is no shame in admitting your behavior is not the norm and seeking help to put yourself on an even keel.

But, whatever you do, please Charlie Sheen, get out of my TV set. If you aren’t gone soon I’m calling in the Priest, holy water, burning sage, voodoo dolls, and whatever else is needed to excise your image from my TV.