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Kasich can laugh about car crash

Do you believe in karma?

Karma is a funny thing, you never know when it is going to tap you on the shoulder or, in Gov. John Kasich’s case, hit you from behind.

 Karma is defined as actions that determine future state. In Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, the quality of somebody’s current and future lives as determined by that person’s behavior in this and in previous lives. In Biblical terms, it is known as you reap what you sow. This week an odd chain of events came together to make Gov. Kasich a believer or as he said he gets the “joke”.

Karma set in motion

The beginning of the story goes back to 2008 when Kasich was pulled over and cited by Officer Robert Barrett for not moving over to give room to a stopped emergency vehicle with its lights flashing. In response to this incident, last year Kasich publically berated the officer calling him an idiot multiple times. Also last year, shortly after taking office the new governor stated that there were going to be changes made and if you weren’t on the bus, the bus would run over you. (see So what are the chances that the governor would be hit from behind by a bus and the investigating officer would be none other than Officer Barrett? That is truly karma at work.

Officer Barrett, who works freeway patrol, responded to a reported crash on I-71 in Columbus in a construction zone. Gov. Kasich and a few of his staff were returning from a speaking engagement when their SUV was hit from behind when a charter bus slammed into a stalled car thus causing the disabled car to ram into Kasich’s vehicle. All in Kasich’s vehicle were wearing seatbelts and no one was injured.

Did I fortell the future?

I have written about the governor and his policies several times during the last year generating varied responses from good to scathing. All articles were regarding SB 5 which was defeated in the November election. My objection to the bill was its treatment of teachers and education in general. I was particularly proud of a satire piece I did last April 1, 2011. In my humble opinion it was a brilliant piece of writing but it angered someone to the point of destructive behavior, I guess they couldn’t take a joke—see BREAKING NEWS: GOVERNOR, LEGISLATORS AGREE TO TEACH IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS are a few excerpts which seem particularly appropriate in light of this week’s events:


In light of the recent controversy regarding teachers and SB 5, governor Kasich and many legislators have agreed to teach in public schools for the next grading period.


They agreed to remain in the classrooms the entire grading period stating, “How hard can it be?” They continued that they look forward to the comfort of leaving work at three o’clock daily so they can catch up on much needed sleep and workout time. When reminded they would have to prepare lesson plans, grade papers, and arrange graphic presentations they said they would refer these duties to their able aides. When reminded they would have no aides or secretaries for paper work and classroom presentations, governor Kasich replied, “Then I will just talk to them all day as I have done on the campaign trail and at Fox News.”


In addition, governor Kasich agreed to take on the extra duty of driving a school bus. Referring to his recent comments that he is driving the bus and you are either on it or you will be run over, Kasich pointed to his excellent driving record. He stated that he drove SB 5 over bumpy roads to adoption and feels navigating a school bus will be no different. When asked about his confrontation with a state highway patrol officer regarding a traffic violation, Kasich stated he felt certain that incident did not disqualify him from driving a bus. As governor he would see to it there were no obstacles ahead….


When asked about the significance of announcing this plan on April first, Kasich said he saw no correlation between the timing of the announcement and April Fools Day.


Kasich commented on the accident saying, “It’s sort of funny, in life, you’ve got to take as well as you give…. You hear jokes about all this, it’s fine,” Kasich said, chuckling. “I’ll tell you one thing, I’m really glad no one was hurt. … “

What is strange to me is that this is the third time in a month I have written about karma (see Although I believe that what goes around comes around I’m not a fanatic about karma and, therefore, find the need to write about it three times in one month a bit strange. Is the universe trying to tell me something? If so, I hope I have put enough good vibes out there to merit some good karma.


For more information about the governor’s mishap, click on the link to the Columbus Dispatch below. In spite of my disagreements with the governor’s policies I am glad he and his staff were not injured and he has a sense of humor about the incident. Maybe he would even like my April Fool’s satire.


Kasich can laugh about car crash.