Bottoms Up!

I’m not a big baseball fan but I do love going to the ballpark and enjoying a cold beer and a hot dog on a warm summer evening. Now Huntington Park has a new way of pouring beer—from the bottom up.

Who would believe there was a need to invent a new way of pouring beer? And who would ever think of filling a glass from a hole in the bottom? Apparently Josh Springer of Indianapolis did. A plastic cup sits over a spout and fills from the bottom up and seals itself when it is taken off the spout with a magnet that slips into place over the hole. This new device called Bottoms Up is touted as saving the servers time by freeing them up to do other things while waiting for the cup to fill. It can fill a gallon container in 30 seconds as opposed to 90 seconds compared to the old fashioned way.

Bottoms Up drawbacks

Bottoms Up has a couple of drawbacks as I see it. First, it does not produce a foamy head which I like. Beer aficionados say a perfect glass of beer should have very little foam but I like burying my mouth and nose into a cold foaming glass of beer.

The second drawback is one that only I would see. I am somewhat of a germophobe in public places and as I watched the demo video I noticed that the server must place the cup over the spout and push the cup down by placing her hand over the top of the glass—right where my lips will be placed. To remove the cup from the appliance she must once again take hold of the top of the cup and pull it off the spout. No clean place for my lips to sip the golden brew of the gods.

Where have those hands been?

Do you know where those hands have been? How many other hands have they touched in serving the cups? How long has it been since they were washed? What else have they touched? Have they handled money? I don’t even want to think where that money has been! Were those hands used to pick a nose (or other things) when no one was looking? Did they wipe off a drop of sweat or run their hands through their hair?

Sorry if I have ruined your day but I come by this thinking honestly. My mother instilled in us at a very early age to wash our hands often. Long before sanitizing gel was popular she would pack a damp and soapy wash cloth wrapped in a plastic bag in her purse or car when we left the house. We never ate or touched food without first washing our hands.

This philosophy must have worked because other than the usual childhood diseases of mumps, measles, chickenpox, etc. we were seldom sick. We didn’t have the frequent colds and flues that others often had.

I want my beer on tap

The next time I go to see the Clippers play at Huntington Park I will have my beer the old fashioned way from a tap rather than this new-fangled device. Some things you just can’t improve on. Anyone want some Purell?

NOTE–to view the video of the Bottoms Up beer machine please click on the link below.