Skyfall is a visit with an old friend and a glimpse into the future


The latest installment of the James Bond series, Skyfall, is a perfect piece to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series. It looks back to established characters and gadgets and forward to the future with new characters and more state-of-the-art gadgets.

The movie also gives us more background information on the James Bond character by taking us to the estate, Skyfall, where Bond grew up. Skyfall is a transition piece where we pay homage to and bid farewell to the past and are introduced to new characters. This reassures us that those behind the Bond franchise intend to keep it going even though the studio and others have had some rocky times.

The tone of Skyfall is a little different from other Bond movies in the past but it has enough of the familiar elements to make us feel comfortable with the new format. Bond still has the quiet sophistication and exotic locations we have come to love; and, the movie has the thrilling chases and explosions that always mark a Bond film. And, of course, there are the Bond girls and sex. Oh yes, and he still looks great in his tux.

Daniel Craig as agent 007, James Bond, is every woman’s dream—a handsome, tough but sensitive guy. This is Craig’s third time to play Bond and I find he adds believability to the character that was missing from the previous Bonds.

Javier Bardem is the villain in Skyfall. He plays a former MI6 agent who has become a cyber terrorist and is seeking revenge against those he thinks betrayed him. Bardem once again turns in an excellent performance as a villain and is downright creepy with his bleached blond hair.

Ralph Fiennes as Gareth Mallory is a former lieutenant colonel in the British Army and is a character we will be seeing in the future.

Judi Dench as M makes her seventh appearance in the role and, as always, is stern but concerned about her agents. This time she seems to have the pressure of the world on her shoulders.

Skyfall is a delight for us old-timers who were around for the first Bond 50 years ago and it should pick up some of the younger generation at the same time.

For a fun time with an old friend see Bond, James Bond, in Skyfall.

I give Skyfall an A.


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