A lot of thought has gone into today’s Notes. Do I talk about the baby turtle I saw recently on my morning walk? Perhaps I could find some deep mystical meaning in the fact the baby was so far from the pond and struggling with all his might just to climb over the blades of grass. No bigger than my thumb, what are his odds of survival?

Or do I describe the time spent on my deck listening to nature’s symphony of bird songs occasionally punctuated by the crystal clear tones of my wind chime when kissed by the breezes?

 I could discuss current events. What about the local moral war of Christians versus exotic dancers? Good luck with that one. My opinion is that each could learn from the other if they would just listen. They might even have some fun.

 No, I must comment on a recent TV listing of a program that ran on Dateline described as  “a marriage ends when the husband dies.”  DUH!

 Enough said.

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