To have something bronzed means to preserve it by dipping it in a mixture of tin and copper. Bronze is also a color defined as yellowish brown or reddish brown to olive. All of these definitions describe November; therefore I will color this month in my imaginary coloring book bronze.

The last remnants of summer linger on and are temporarily frozen in time like an old pair of bronzed baby shoes. The autumnal sun glints off coppery leaves and dried summer grasses looking like scarecrow soldiers swaying in the breeze. Nature’s autumn dance, so brilliantly attended by maidens dressed in rustling jewel encrusted gowns, is over and the trees stand nearly naked with only a few bronze leaves clinging to the branches. We have now entered the time of darkness filled with dread and depression as we keep watch while all of the natural world slows down and prepares for a long restoring sleep.

A winter chill is in the air and the world takes on a harsh brassey feel. It will be a long time before our skins will take on the bronze glow of summer but we can rejoice in the bronzed skin of the turkey coming out of the oven for the traditional Thanksgiving feast. Our attention is turned indoors with the warmth of the fire in the fireplace casting a bronze glow about the room. It is now time to bring nature inside with the harvesting of nuts, stacking firewood, and storing foods to take us through the cold months ahead.

Yes, for one last time nature desperately tries to preserve the warm memories of times spent outdoors by wrapping itself in a bronzed glow of winter sun framed by the dimesions of my picture window.


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