My Answer to Rush Limbaugh

A Woman’s Body Is Her Own Temple


I thought we were living in the twenty-first century. This is the year 2012 but to listen to the political talk about women and their bodies you would think we were back in the days before the women’s suffrage movement.

We are living in a time of advanced medical treatments and procedures, advanced computers, space explorations, and stone-age thinking regarding women. What happened to respecting women? When did a woman’s body become political fodder? The comments Rush Limbaugh made recently about Sandra Fluke and her testimony for insurance coverage of birth control pills was so crass and detestable every woman should join a campaign to silence him.

A woman’s body should not be a political football

I don’t wish to make this a political statement for or against any particular party but the politicians and on-air windbags have already made this a political football. Women have become the focus of attention because of the mere fact that our bodies were made to produce children. However, a woman’s whole life’s focus should not have to be concerned about her reproductive abilities.

The abortion debate has been contentious enough but now legislators want to invade her body with foreign procedures intended to discourage her from an abortion. Again, I don’t wish to discuss the pros and cons of abortion but if a woman finds herself in such a situation it is not a decision that is easily made. She does not need the added harassment of additional painful procedures. Now the politicians are going even further and making contraception another arm of this debate. News flash—if contraception is used then there is no need for abortions.

And here is the biggest news flash of them all—a woman doesn’t make a baby by herself. It takes a man and a woman to conceive. So why aren’t the men held responsible for this dilemma? It is a double standard that goes as far back as Adam and Eve. Because the woman carries the child for nine months and is visibly “with child” the man can remain incognito and no one will know he participated in the making of this baby.

It is the man’s insatiable appetite for sex that has created this mess

Men like Rush Limbaugh can sit back and call women sluts, whores, and other horrendous names and hold themselves above the nasty business of sex. But every woman knows it is the man’s insatiable appetite for sex that has created this mess.

Sandra Fluke testified before Congress and asked that insurance cover contraception methods. She was not asking, as Limbaugh pontificated, for the government to pay for the costs. Another double standard—insurance does cover medication for erectile dysfunction drugs. I don’t understand why it is such an issue for insurance coverage for contraception. If one objects to contraception on religious grounds then don’t use them. My insurance includes coverage of many medications which I don’t use.

It is time men be held responsible

It is time women take these discussions and turn them back on the men. It is time a birth control pill is made available for men and enforcement measures put in place to make sure the men take them religiously so there are no accidents. (I know this sounds crazy but so are some of the statements men are making about women.) Or maybe someone can devise a chastity belt for men. Or perhaps we should legislate that all men be forced to have a vasectomy at puberty and then reversed when they are ready for children.

I propose the Lysistrata Movement

However, I have the answer that should be acceptable to most people. It appeals to those with religious objections as it promotes abstinence, and it respects a woman’s body. I propose a Lysistrata Movement. Lysistrata is the name of a play by the ancient Greek playwright, Aristophanes, in which the main character, Lysistrata, proposes to her sister Greeks to withhold sex from their husbands in order to negotiate a peace to end the Peloponnesian War. Withhold sex and, sisters, I guarantee it won’t take long before the men are begging for an end to the Lysistrata Movement and will quickly end all debates over contraception and abortions.

Let’s take the decisions over what happens to a woman’s body regarding contraception and abortion out of the hands of legislators and all male committees and place them where they should be–in the heart of a woman.

Respect the woman.

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