MOVIE REVIEW: The Hangover Part II is two too much

The original Hangover is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. It opens with three men waking up after an all night bender and wondering why they have a chicken wandering around the room, a tiger in the bathroom, and a baby in the closet.

It turned out to be the highest R rated comedy in history. So where do you go from there? In true Hollywood fashion you bring the same people together and rework the formula with a different location and add a monkey, an unattached bloody finger, a missing buddy, and a tattooed face. Even though this year’s version is also raking in the dough, I can’t say I enjoyed it as much. It does have some funny scenes but I felt the humor was more on the level of a teenage boy.

My feeling is—been there, done that. I give it a D.

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