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Do you ever feel your life is not your own? That you are just plodding through a maze someone predesigned and placed you on leaving you to wander down streets and through doors your whole life. If so, then beware of men in hats, especially those looking as if they just walked off the set of Mad Men. In fact, one of the actors did—John Salttery who plays Roger Sterling.

The Adjustment Bureau is a love story and a thriller and leaves you pondering the old discussions of predestination. It hooks you at the beginning and forces you to run the maze with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt; but that is OK because they are pleasant companions on this journey and their chemistry is very believable. You are rooting for them all the way, even if you don’t know the full story. Around every corner is a well-dressed man wearing a hat and carrying a book full of charts and graphs with a small symbol that mysteriously moves about the page. Who are these men?

The Adjustment Bureau has all the elements of a good popcorn movie—mystery, romance, adventure, and a good chase. Thankfully, it does not have any gore and killings. In addition, it leaves you to examine your beliefs of fate versus free will. In other words, it is an action movie with a love story that makes you think.

I loved the movie so I will take out my teacher’s red pen and give it a B+.


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