Hi Friends! No, nothing is wrong with your computer, I have been busy with other things and haven’t added to my blog in way too long. Today I’m doing a quick update just to let you know I’m still alive and well. However, don’t worry, I have been busy collecting information on more topics of interests and promise to inform you and make you think in the near future. I have also taken some beautiful pictures of summer and will add them very soon.

I received a beautiful note from my neighbor, Shaheena Arthur, who I wrote about recently when she became an American citizen. She writes:


 Thanks for this wonderful blog on July 4th. Thankful to Martha,
Jim, Sheila, Phyllis, Judith, Bill and neighbors for the get
together, to mark the occassion of me becoming US citizen. It is this
kind of welcome and acceptance that makes the immigrants like us to feel at
home here in USA.  I am from Pakistan and moved to USA in 2003
after the marriage. America proved to be land of opportunity for us in
every sense. Like most immigrants, I miss the country I am
from. At the same time, I am very proud of being a US citizen.
 Irrespective of the current economic downturn, We are incredibly
optimistic about America’s prospects and our life here in this great

 thanks again


I also have a mystery on my hands. A neighbor gave me some flowers to transplant in my garden and this spring a huge flower began growing. No one knows what it is but my next door neighbor calls it the Jack in the Beanstalk flower. The neighbor who so generously gave me her transplanted flowers has been out-of-town this summer and is not around to ask if the mystery flower is one of hers or just a weed that sprang up. So I am hoping one of my readers can identify this strange flower.  It is about 8 ft. tall and still growing. It develops a long green spike and small yellow flowers appear along the new growth. Can anyone please solve this mystery for me–What the heck is it???

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