It’s almost over: Just 5 days, 7,000 ads left

To accompany the post I made a couple of days ago, Who wants to  buy your vote? ( in which I talked about the saturation of political ads, the Columbus Dispatch says today that with five days to go before the election we have just 7,000 more presidential ads to sit through. That equals one commercial per minute.

In addition to the 7,000 ads there are many more “issue” ads from the super PACs as well as spots for other races such as the Senate, congressional, court, legislative and local candidates.

We can all sympathize with the new YouTube sensation, four year old Abigael Evans, who is so tired of the presidential campaigns by “Bronco Bamma” and Mitt Romney that she is crying for them stop. We feel your pain Abigael.


Click on the link below to see adorable Abigael Evans.


Click on the Columbus Dispatch link for the full story

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