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Home Current Events Fair-weather warning for gardeners amid another record high

Fair-weather warning for gardeners amid another record high

George Hauswirth, master gardner, works on flower beds at Chadwick Arboretum and learning Gardens at Ohio State University.

Our heatwave is a mixed blessing for owners of garden centers as reported in the Columbus Dispatch. Their business is picking up earlier than usual but many of their plants are blooming prematurely. This is a problem for the flowers intended for Easter. DeMonya Nursery’s answer is to place them on skids next to the door and sell them at reduced prices–a bargain for the shopper but a bust for the owners.

Fair-weather warning for gardeners amid another record high.

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  1. I heard that Holland, Michigan, had to cancel their Tulip Festival, scheduled for the first week in May. Their tulips are done and almost gone. It’s an economic bust for this small town. So sad.

    • So sad. I also read in today’s paper that squirrels in a city park in Ontario, Canada ate nearly 10,000 tulip bulbs during the winter. The blurb said that usually the ground freezes and keeps the squirrels away from the bulbs but this year they never had a deep freeze and the little critters ate half their 20,000 bulbs. Bet they have some fat squirrels.

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