Brain freeze


I have a brain freeze. I don’t mean the kind you get when you eat ice cream too fast; no, I have the kind you get when you are overwhelmed with too many mental tasks.

Do you ever get to the point that you just can’t think anymore? My mind is frozen into a thousand pixilated squares, just like your frozen cable TV screen. My internal computer is buffering like the computer screen I have been staring at the past several days trying to figure out an email problem. My brain continues to whirl in circles just like the icon on my computer that tells me to wait until it completes the task.

Last night I went to bed with a headache and wondered why. Then, I remembered that the first half of my day was spent untangling and juggling bills (my least favorite thing to do) and the second half of the day was spent trying to figure out why my computer is sporadically sending out emails. It is now sending out only short emails. I guess it is tired and doesn’t want to send any with attachments or with more than one name. Complicating the process, it won’t let me send anything to myself so I can check it. I guess it has decided I know what I wrote and there is no need to deliver it.

I have two accounts, one with Gmail, and one with our cable company which I have used for 15 years. Just like a typical teenager, the one through the cable company has developed a mind of its own. As a test I have sent emails through both accounts but only receive the Gmail account back. The most frustrating part of this is I have had my new web site for a few weeks and have not been able to notify my readers. I send a personal email to our many friends and relatives every time I add a new post but have not been able to do so for the last couple of posts. In addition, I have not been able to find a way to transfer my address book, which is in Outlook, to Gmail so I can send out the notices through them.

I am going to have to bite the bullet and call tech support for help. In the past my sessions with them haven’t always been successful, especially if they transfer me to India.

I know the perfect solution to a brain freeze and that is a good frozen margarita. If I’m going to suffer the pain of a brain freeze I might as well go for the real thing. It may not help me find the answers to my problems but, then, who cares?


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