279.365 happy april fools day,

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Re:    The joke is on me

April 2, 2011

Dear WordPress staff:

You got me—and you got me good!

I am still fairly new to blogging having been at this for less than a year. Daily I check my stats to see how I am doing. March 31st marked my highest readership to date and I was ecstatic. I decided to celebrate April Fool’s Day with a satire of a hotly debated political issue in our great state of Ohio. I was rather proud of the finished product (Breaking News: Governor, Legislators Agree to Teach in Public Schools) and cockily announced, “Genuis!” when I pressed the publish button.

Imagine my surprise when I checked my stats site shortly after posting to see the bar on the graph soar far above the previous day. I checked back frequently to see the bar continue to rise. Wow! I was excited to see that others must also think my post was a flash of brilliance. However, I was confused because the actual number read 10—12—16—and then 18. But dumb me still didn’t get the joke. I thought I must have passed a magical point where the prefix was no longer recorded—such as of 110 or 1,010.

I finally read the small print above the figures that said April Fools—but I still didn’t get it. Instead, I wondered how the administrators of the site knew my post was intended as an April Fool’s Day joke when I presented it as a straight news story. Did you have a special program that interpreted the categories of all your posts?

Then—finally—I got it! You pulled a good one on this older and wiser author (or so I thought). I was so busy designing my elaborate prank that I didn’t see yours.

Job well done!

Sdobbie46 (Sheila Dobbie)

Note to my readers—bloggers have a special back door portal we can enter to post blogs, edit, check readership stats, etc. The site lists what titles were posted on what days, which posts are being read and which are most popular. We do not know who is reading our blog but we do know how many came from Facebook, e-mail, search engines and so on. Thanks for your continued support.


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