All I Need to Know I Learned in Music Class

Music #1

Those who know me know that I am passionate about the arts and have even worked as a lobbyist for the arts in the schools. Unfortunately, when school budgets are tight the first cuts are to the arts. Many schools no longer have art classes but have resorted to “art on a cart” which consists of a cart loaded with art projects and supplies which a traveling teacher wheels from class to class.

I hate to think what life will be like 100 years from now if the arts disappear completely from schools’ curriculum;  artist add beauty and meaning to our lives. Where would we be without paintings, music, architecture, books, plays, movies, TV shows, etc.? Art is a reflection of who we are, it tells where we have been, and where we are going. It would be a very dull life without art.

The article below, written by a music major turned businessman, is one of the best I have read to advance the argument for the need for arts and music in school. It seems one can learn practical lessons in the arts which can be applied to everyday life.

Save the Arts!

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