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Rust Craft, circa 1950

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Dear Friends:

Here is my Christmas card to you. Thank you for your support and comments. Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.


 “Oh, little town of Bethlehem…

Above thy deep and dreamless sleep the silent stars go by,

Yet in thy dark streets shineth the everlasting light.”

A pretty story I’m told, or is it just another legend of old?


Phones are ringing, computers beeping, traffic whizzing by.

Are you running with me Jesus? I shout in a rage as I prepare to fly.

Twelve more shopping days till Christmas, appointments to keep in line;

Are you running with me Jesus? Please give me a sign.


Meetings to attend, broken promises to mend;

I think I’m doing fine.

Are you running with me Jesus? If so, where is my sign?


Driving home late, I stop to admire heaven’s starry gate.

The air is brisk; a shiver runs down my spine.

What is this I see glowing in the east?

It grows brighter with each passing second.

Could it be to me it beckons?

What’s this ringing in my ears?

Is it the singing of angels through the years?


The light—it’s so intense!

It touches my very soul and I sense—

Yes, it’s true!

He lives, he lives!

Here is my sign.

Are you running with me Jesus?

Yes, you are for I see it in the stars—

The star of Bethlehem.


As I pause at the front door before reentering life’s hectic pace,

I do it with a renewed faith and grace.

For I have seen the truth of the ages, once foretold by the sages.

A love much greater by far than any of us can know

For I have seen it in the stars—

The star of Bethlehem.


I pause and ask once again,

 “Are you running with me Jesus?”

And then I whisper,

Thank you Lord, I know you are,

For I saw it in the stars—

The star of Bethlehem.

By Sheila Moore Thornburg Dobbie

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